Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Apologetics, (Ph.D. C.A.)

Credit for ministerial experience will be taken into consideration for people who qualify. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT CREDITS FOR MINISTERIAL EXPERIENCE WILL BE CONSIDERED AND APPLIED TOWARDS A BACCALAUREATE DEGREE ONLY. To request the ministerial experience, send an email to the offices of CUTS at: or call (413) 883-4893 and request these forms.

COMBINATION DEGREE PROGRAMS: We have Combination of Degree Programs. Combination of Degree Program, Master’s/Doctoral degree is available. Talk to a student advisor, or to the Admissions Office about a Master’s/Doctoral degree combination program.

ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAM: The goal of the Doctorate in Christian Apologetics is primarily to train students to defend the Christian faith through apologetics in a variety of cultural contexts. This degree is offered in Module / Classes and integrates the theological, missiological and philosophical dimensions of apologetics. The Doctorate program in Christian Apologetics equips people for vocations for teaching and research in specialties of Apologetics, and for the academic improvement of ministerial practice.The program consists of ten online Module/Classes, with emphasis in key Apologetics books, key doctrines, and foundational ministry preparation courses; which are the equivalent of thirty hours of study; and Textbook requirements, equivalent of twenty hours of study. Texts should be selected from the list of authorized textbooks listed below. Although all textbooks can be ordered simultaneously, assignments must be submitted one at a time. Once a textbook is read, the 10 to 20 page paper describing what is read should be presented for qualification. A four to five page document is required for each module taken at the seminary site in Holyoke. We are simply asking the students for a summary of the material. Review the How to present your work card in relation to the presentation of work.

ONLINE REQUIREMENTS OF THE DEGREE PROGRAM: Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Apologetics, (Ph.D. C.A.) program requires a total of 10 Module/Classes, to be completed online. The students will take the Module/Classes and at the end of the class will be ready to take the Doctoral Module Examination for that class. These requirements are also applied to students on campus, but the classes are presented live with a CUTS professor.

SPECIFIC TEXTBOOKS REQUIREMENTS OF THE DEGREE PROGRAM: Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Apologetics degree program, requires a total of 50 hours. This consists of ten online courses (30 hours); and life experience, ministry, education, military and/or four textbooks homework (20 hours). Four of the textbooks homework required, must have the essential subjects, chosen from the list of authorized textbooks listed in your Online Virtual Classroom. Up to four of the eight required courses may be optional. The Electives can be chosen from the Electives that appear on the page or in person attendance at the seminary. Up to two of the electives may have Substitute Books. Substitute books must be first submitted for consideration through the alternative form of textbooks.

ABOUT PROGRAM TEXTBOOKS AND MODULE/CLASSES: We are Christ-centered and Bible-based institution. So, it should be an encouragement to know that (CUTS) use well respected textbooks and other learning resources that fit within the general middle of evangelical Biblical teaching and doctrine. Textbooks are carefully selected for both academic and theological appropriateness. It’s usually the theological appropriateness that concerns prospective students. This is certainly understandable, especially in light of the fact that nearly everyone considering enrolling in a program with Christian Union Theological Seminary (CUTS) is already well versed in Bible and Theology, and many are actually advanced teachers and preachers of the Word of God.