Benefits of studying at CUTS

  • Study at your own pace when you enroll in the studies off-campus. Each student establishes their own study schedule.
  • On campus classes are held at times more convenient that allows the student to maintain a working position or Full-time ministry, while studying at CUTSI.
  • Extension campus locations • are available in several locations.
  • The cost of tuition is kept as low as possible, to allow any economic level students the opportunity to study and earn a degree.
  • Convenient interest free payment plan.
  • Registration discounts are available to the spouses of the students.
  • You can enroll at any time! Students outside campus can sign up and begin their course work at any moment.
  • Teachers on campus are usually serving in some type of Christian Ministry, in the field of education. Therefore, they have the knowledge of the practical experience of classroom which is beneficial for the students.
  • Friendly and personalized attention to each student. For the student off-campus, there is a program of study that is designed for each student.
  • Always improving curriculum, offering classes for Bible, Biblical Counseling, theology, pastoral studies, religious education, music and ethnic studies.

Contact CUTS

Administrative Office
349 High Street,
P.O. Box 548 Holyoke, MA 01041-1360

Phone: 1+ (800) 590-8935
Fax: 1+ (877) 525-0420

Ministerial Education