Christian Union Theological seminary (CUTS)

The Union Christian Theological Seminary CUTS., and the Emmaus Road College of the Bible, have been established with the purpose of offering quality and low-cost programs, in titles and degrees available in biblical / theological, for those who want to better prepare for the work of the Lord; And so provide professional training for pastors, evangelists, ministers, workers, and volunteer staff members, who work full-time, or part-time in churches; and for those who are engaged in the work of the Christian Ministry at any level, or anywhere.

We are a higher denominational institution. Therefore, we subscribe to practice, teach, and preach the doctrine of the Christian, Evangelical, Biblical, Pentecostal, Christ centered faith. Dispensational in its theology; The Christian Union Theological Seminary, and the Emmaus Road College of the Bible, are recognized as the official educational institutions of the Union Council of Pentecostal Christian Churches of Jesus Christ Inc.